Carl D. Foster


My photography
My photography subject matter is diverse.  I love to record many different aspects of life, the things I see and experience. . If you find any of my photos particularly interesting let me know as I would like to here your views. Some of my photos are for sale. If you are wanting to buy any please contact me  ( see the 'contact page' or follow the links to Getty, Shutterstock, 500px or Pixoto where I sell images. Alternatively contact me directly).  
Who am I ?
I live in York, England.  I live with my partner Sylvia and son Liam. I work as a professionally qualified social worker.  I was born in Wigan, and grew up there until going to University, first in Lancaster then years later York.  I have both a Bachelor of Arts degree and Masters degree. I have also studied Art and Design - which often influences my choices and style in photography.
Why Photography? 
 I have enjoyed taking photos ever since I was an adolescent.  Ironically the earliest memory I have of taking a photo was when I visited York with my parents.  My interest in taking pictures continued into adulthood although it was an intermittent pastime, which I could not really afford to take  seriously.  However come the advent of digital photography  I could see the results immediately without having to send a roll of film off to be developed.  It was about 2003 that I realised I wanted to  learn more and acquire a DSLR Camera and I started to buy a few lenses. Photography soon became my passion.  I now spend a lot of time doing photography related activities.  It is in the past 3 years that I now have gained more knowledge and grown in self confidence to  sell and show some my work to a wide audience. It is the creative process I especially adore within photography, trying to encapsulate an original portrayal of a subject in an qualitative and interesting way - this I find is a reward in itself. Photography gives me a valuable creative outlet, which is quite different from my professional working career. I plan to learn more and acquire additional skills and experience to develop as a photographer which I hope can give a unique and interesting view of the world around me. 
Thank you...
For taking the time to look at my photography website. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or two about what you think. 
Kind regards
Carl D.